Poke Bubbles


Catching cute little monsters in very small balls has been a big trend for a long time, but it never has been made into a free bubble shooter before. It was about time that someone changed that. And here it is: Poke Bubbles.

But naturally it follows a different recipe. It’s a bubble shooter after all. Only in this case the bubbles are happy little monsters and you have to clear all of them from the screen. These round little furballs are not as stubborn as the famous pocket monsters, but it still requires skill to beat this game. You have to at least match 3 monsters of the same color to let them disappear. But with a little planning and strategic placement of bubbles you can remove big clusters that will earn you much more points at once. And since this is a high score game that should be your main concern. You will be coming back and play this game over and over again until you have reached the ultimate high score.

Everyone loves monsters, so that alone could be the reason to place this game among the Top 10 free bubble shooters. But actually with its smooth gameplay, addicting highscore hunt and great replayability this is definitely one of the best bubble shooters around right now.

Poke Bubbles can be played directly in your browser on any Android phone or iOS device.


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